Flat Garden HoseFlat Garden Hose
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Compact Flat Garden Hose Reel Kit

Great for Balconies Flower Pots, & Car Washes

Tangled up in all that yard work- Break free with the revolutionary flat garden hose. This amazing flat coiling garden hose is guaranteed to take the mess out of watering. flat garden hose attaches easily to any faucet.

Guaranteed to never kink, never tangle and never tear.

Watering your plants or washing the car has never been easier. This flat garden hose is based on the same technology that has been used for years on fire hoses. The compact flat garden hose is made of a tough yet flexible material. With flat garden hose, simply turn on the water and watch it expand for a full, unobstructed flow. Rubber hoses can weigh up to fifteen pounds, but the flat garden hose is so lightweight that you can easily move it for any job, anywhere. It's even safe to drink from! And with FlexiHose just turn off the water and it immediately flattens to its original shape.


  • Built in High Quality Real
  • Drains Automatically
  • Stores Anywhere
  • Light weight

Convenient Storage Reel: Stop struggling to rewind heavy, wet hoses. Roll a Hose winds up easily, without twisting for trouble free storage anywhere.

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Flat Garden Hose 33ft
Sale Price: $14.95
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