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Once Again.
We've Improved Upon Perfection.

Wipe On Hair Remover with
Pre-Moistened Cloth Towelettes

Wipe Off Without Water
Completely Cleansing

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Epil Stop Wipe Away
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The Safer, Faster Way To
Hair-Free Skin

Epil Stop & Wipe Away New to the Epil Stop Family - Epil-Stop & Wipe-Away, pre moistened hair removal cloth towelettes. Simply wipe on hair removal formula infused in the cloth, leave on approximately 6-7 minutes and wipe away with Wipe-Off towelette. Each disposable cloth towelette contains Vitamin C and E, so it's gentle to your skin. Now Epil-Stop has simplified your life. These Wipe-On/Wipe-Off towelettes can be used on the arms, back, chest, and legs.

Epil Stop & Wipe Away "Fresh-Sexy-Clean, Just wipe away"
Simplify your life. It's convenient and leaves no mess. It's disposable, quick, and easy. Formulated w/Vitamins C & E it has a pleasant Cucumber & Melon scent. Easy to use wipe on formula for easy application - never seen before in a hair remover towelette. Stop shaving, tweezing and waxing and remain "hair-free". Simple and effective. Take it with you anywhere. Perfect for travel.

America's #1 Hair Remover

Epil Stop & Wipe Away is perfect for anywhere you want to remove hair (For facial hair we suggest our Epil-Stop Roll-On). Stop shaving, tweezing and waxing and remain "hair-free". Formulated with Vitamins C and E, cucumber melon scented Epil Stop & Wipe Away is the cleanest, easiest and most painless way to remove hair. Removes hair quickly, moisturizes, exfoliates, soothes, contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E which are known antioxidants.

Vitamin Enriched with Antioxidants
Epil  Stop & Wipe Away Epil Stop & Wipe Away
  • Epil Stop & Wipe Away removes unwanted body hair quickly & painlessly.
  • Epil Stop & Wipe Away works as an exfoliator that helps remove dead skin while nourishing your skin.
  • No more painful waxing.
  • End razor-irritation, scrapes, bumps, rashes and razor burns.
  • Helps keep you hair-free for weeks

  • The quick convenient and modern way to remove hair

  • Long lasting
  • No messy creams or lotions
  • Disposable Cloth Towelettes
  • Pleasant Cucumber & Melon Scent
  • Clinically Proven
  • Used by Over 250,000 Women

    Wouldnt you like to revive your skins youthful vitality?

    Co Q10 is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in your skin to help protect against aging. The skin needs anti-oxidants to protect the surface from damaging environmental radicals found in smog, smoke and other chemicals in the air'. As we grow older, Co Q10 diminishes and wrinkles start to appear, This unique formula helps bring back that soft, smooth, youthful look again. Also contains Vitamin F - natures work horse, soothing Aloe Vera, calming Chamomile and Willowherb which is known to help with irritation.

    Epil Stop & Wipe Away Epil Stop & Wipe Away Epil Stop & Wipe Away
    Pre-Moistened cloth gently wipes on hair removal product Hair is lifted and trapped directly on cloth Skin is left clean, moisturized, free of hair

    Simplify your Life ! A revolutionary concept,Epil Stop Wipes are soft cloth towelettes pre-moistened with a special formulation. Just Wipe On and Wipe Off. No rinsing, no residue, no mess. Completely disposable!

    Epil Stop & Wipe Away

    Epil Stop & Wipe Away Epil Stop & Wipe Away Sensitive Wipes

    Moistened Towelette for smaller & sensitive areas:Upper Lips, Chest and Bikini Lines

    Epil Stop & Wipe Away Epil Stop & Wipe Away includes:

  • 10 Pre-Moistened Wipe-On Hair Removal Towelettes
  • 10 Pre-Moistened Wipe-Off Moisturizer Towelettes
  • 2 Pre-Moistened Sensitive Wipe-On Towelettes
  • 2 Pre-Moistened Sensitive Wipe-Off Towelettes

    Epil Stop Rated #1 Seller In America!
    Clinically Proven!

    Helps keep you hair free for over 2 months!
    (Individual results may vary with continued use)

    Epil Stop & Wipe Away Selected by Dermatologists

    For External Use Only Avoid Contact With Eyes

    * Based on reports, Jordan Whitney, Inc.;
    IMS, (Infomercial Monitoring Services, Inc.)

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