Abtronic Type Belt

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Abtronic type Fitness Systems

Abtronic type is an electric pulsating muscle toning device that will firm, tone, and tighten, your upper abs, lower abs, love handles, and basically all other parts of your body you wish to firm and tone.

Abtronic type will show you immediate improvement without strenuous, time consuming workouts. You control the 10 intensity levels and have a choice of 6 different exercise programs to choose from. Then amazingly watch as your ab muscles contract as if you're doing the a sit up. Your muscles are moving, but you are not - therefore there is no sweating. 10 minutes on the Abtronic type is the equivalent of 600 sit ups!

Abtronic type will work you out while watching television, shopping, working, walking, or at any time you want because there are no wires or pads, you can even wear Abtronic type under your clothes and no one will know it's there but you! You will see noticeable improvement after 3-4 weeks of regular treatment. Regular excersise is recommended with the treatment. Abtronic type may even improve cardio vascular rate, but does not assist the cardio respiratory system. Regular exercise & a healthy diet combined with the modern technology of the Abtronic type are the best way to achieve total health.

The complete Abtronic type System includes:

  • 1 – 28” Long Belt for Abdominal Area
  • 1 – 13” Short Belt for Arms and Legs
  • 1 – Abtronic type Powerful Microprocessor Unit
  • 1– Neoprene Center Pieces
  • 2 – 3V Lithium Batteries (each lasts for 1000 minutes of use)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Accelerated Weight Loss Plan

No time to workout?Abtronic type

Tired of all those ab products that force you onto the floor?

Now here's the easiest way to get your body in the shape you want it. Introducing the amazing Abtronic type.

The Abtronic type tones and tightens your upper abs, lower abs and love handles with no sweat at all!.

The simplest, smallest and most comfortable toning device ever. Say good bye to strenuos, time-consuming workouts. With the Abtronic type, your muscles are moving but you are not.

Abtronic type will work you out while watching TV, shopping, working, walking. Anyplace. Anytime.

Also great to target your arms, chest, buns or thighs.

Ten minutes on the Abtronic type is the equivalent of 600 situps

Note: You MUST use gel or a water based lotion for the Abtronic type to work.

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Sale Price: $14.95
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