The Complete Ab and Lean
Body Design Program!

There is finally a way you can totally transform your body and get the lean body and trimmer waist line you've always wanted. Now you can sit and swing away those pounds and inches with the Ab Swing ®, the Ultimate AB and Lean Body Design System.

You will certainly be on your way to those sexy washboard abs in less than 5 minutes a day. The secret is the patented Swing Glide© technology that contracts your abs from the bottom up. The design automatically puts you in an upright position, up off the floor. This ideal natural position provides an expanded full range of motion. You flex the muscle, then stretch it in a single movement, isolating the abdominal muscles. You target your lower abs, upper abs, side oblique, while stretching your lower back. All on one revolutionary machine.


The Ab Swing ® System has made getting results quick and easy.

  • The full Ab Swing ® System includes...
  • The Ab Swing ® exercise unit, the only in home machine that works your abs from the bottom up!
  • An informative User Guide
Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

Ab Swing
Sale Price: $39.95
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